A Message from Chairman

Nadeem Ahmed Khan

Today there are 4.2 million orphans in Pakistan. Due to natural disasters the numbers of orphans and refugees has increased considerably and society as a whole has to come forward to provide shelter and support to these people in need.

At Khubaib Foundation we have one sole vision, to serve humanity. We dedicate our efforts, expertise and resources to facilitate the vulnerable members of our society by providing them food, shelter, healthcare, housing and education irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion.

We believe that through power of education and housing we are enabling moral, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment of these children. Our mission is to patronise them and to see them grow up as good citizens and useful members of the society, leading a dignified and propserous life.

Nadeem Ahmed Khan
Chairman - Khubaib Foundation
'serving humanity in need at large'