Disaster Management

Pakistan has been confronted with deadliest natural  disasters  such as earthquakes,floods,droughts,windsroms etc.During any disaster situation in the shape of natural calamities ,Khubaib Foundation has played a pivotal role to serve humanity in providing welfare services to the destitute populace within disaster-hit regions like Rescue ,Relief and Rehabilitation .
During disaster following services were rendered:

•    Provision of accommodation in Model Tent villages.
•    Cooked food/dry rations distribution /clean drinking water.
•    Sehar/Iftar programs during the month of Ramadan
•    Health care and Medication.
•    Distribution of clothes, blankets, jackets, shoes, socks and hygiene Kits.
•    Disbursements of cash amongst the needy.
•    Combined marriages.
•    Water well borings.
•    Distribution of school uniforms, books and stationery