Global Humanitarian Assistance

Khubaib Foundation renders the welfare services for those, who need humanitarian assistance as victims of natural calamities like earthquake drought/famine or any other forms of emergency situation. The Foundation has privilege to serve country wide and globally at the hour of need.

Chairman Khubaib Foundation, Mr.Nadeem Ahmed Khan, represented Pakistan on Gaza Freedom Flotilla (leading four cargo ships) to express solidarity with Gazans and to deliver  humanitarian aid. The foundation also provided relief in earthquake on 23 October, 2011 occurred in Eastern Turkey near the city of Van and Typhoon Hayan relief operation in Philippine in collaboration with IHH Turkey.
Khubaib Foundation also represented Pakistan in Somalia with its partner IHH and was a vital support in the case of emergency situations.

International Relief Activites 

The Khubabiab Foundation of Pakistan has International perspective since it has always endeavoured to achieve outreach to humanity in need at global level.Its interventions/projects for the welfare of the masses in the past and present are manifestation of this fact. On International level,various projects in Turkey, Syria, Somalia, Phillipines, Gaza, Afghanistan and Kashmir were conducted/in process for providing relief to marginalized segment of society through intervention at grass-roots level under different development sectors like food,shelter,health,education,orphan care,emergency relief distribution and other humanitarian activities.