Khubaib Medical Camps for Prisoners

There has been outcry over the docile conditions prevailing, like in any other country, in Pakistani jails.  Over crowding is almost the solo biggest problem playing the jail system in Pakistan. Jail conditions have long been a major concern for rights activists, since
complaints regarding inadequate food, poor sanitation and lack of medical care in overcrowded jails are common, according to the 2004 annual report of a leading human rights body, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). The changing weather conditions are not combater by suitable arrangements to facilitate the prisoners in avoiding the bad impacts of seasonal variation and temperature conditions. The Prisons buildings in Pakistan are in dilapidated conditions and poses extreme health hazards for those who are confined in its four walls. The overcrowding invariably forces prisoners to sleep on the rooftops of the common toilets, without proper bedding,
and as a consequence they remain exposed to different health and hygiene hazards.

Addressing all these issues, Khubaib Foundation is determined  that all the prisoners  would be facilitated with better medical facilities, adding that special measures should be taken for moral training of the prisoners. Khubaib Foundation arrange free medical camps inside Jails  and provide free medicines, screening of HIV, Hepatitis and TB and treatment of the affected prisoners have already been started. Khubaib Foundation emphasizes to observe special measures for moral training of the prisoners and physical and mental health care as to become good citizens after release from the jails.  A large number of inmates receive medical attention at medical camp organized by Khubaib Foundation. These medical camps are aimed at boosting efforts by the Prisons Department to cater for inmates in prisons around the country. The medical camps are ailments receive treatment.

At the Central being conducted by a team of doctors who check up the prisoners with a range of Jail Rawalpindi medical camp, the Foundation donated a total of 173 mattresses and 250 blankets to the Prisons department under its health initiative programme.