Khubaib Vocational Training Center

Khubaib Foundation believes that education and economic opportunities are the chief allies of peacemakers, ignorance and poverty the playground for injustice and its ruthless leaders. Khubaib Foundation provides inmates, skills and training for stitching clothes and embellished goods in order to launch successful businesses to send their children to school, and lift their families out of poverty. More than ever prisoners need access to education, training and economic opportunities. Enabling this will result in increased access, choice, and prioritizing education for their children - fostering dignity and security.

Khubaib Foundation provides inmates with the necessary training, equipment, and materials in order to provide for themselves and their family. Prisoners who participate in vocational education and training courses significantly improve their employment prospects and are also less likely to re-offend. Khubaib vocational training courses that are linked to mainstream employment are most successful at helping prisoners and offenders make the transition from prison to the community.

Adult prisoners and offenders typically have poor literacy skills, low levels of education and a history of unemployment. Khubaib vocational training courses address these issues but are not enough. Education and training needs to be linked to jobs for prisoners when they are released.