Khubaib Institute of Information Technology

The Prisoners through out the country always experienced lack of knowledge in that sphere due to their confinement, but Khubaib Foundation always wanted to dive into the world of the Computer for all these prisoners. Khubaib Institute of Information & Technology was opened for prisoners in Central Jail Rawalpindi in the year 1999.
It indeed provided a great opportunity for the prisoners to start using modern communication means. Two computer centers for Prisoners have been established in Central Jail Rawalpindi with the aim of raising computer literacy among prisoners and enabling them to communicate through latest technology. The computer training is being given to prisoners at the centers for free. This project is oriented toward prisoners, many of whom suffer from loneliness, a problem that the computer literacy can help to solve. Two levels of computer courses are being taught at Khubaib Institute of Information & Technology.

I. Basic Computer Course
II. Advance Computer Course

The basic level includes primary lessons of computer knowledge such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft office and few short hardware courses. At the advanced level, the prisoners learn how to use Web page development and database management systems. Literacy and skill to prisoners is part of Khubaib Foundation’s initiative of “Better education for all”. Similar Institutes / Computer literacy centers will be established in all prisons across the province, to make prisoners into useful and law abiding citizens. These prisoners will be able to start small businesses (requiring low financial investment) and manage technical and technological service centers after they finish their jail terms. Khubaib Foundation believes that each of the 1,000 prisoners in Central Jail Rawalpindi will be trained.