Orphans Care

Children are considered  future builders of a nation.Devasting earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan left thousands of children orphaned, especially in Azad Kashmir and Northern areas. Many of the orphans, traumatized by the weird incident, became homeless with no family member or relative to take care of them. Khubaib Foundation, feeling the national responsibility at that time of distress came forward to take guardianship of the Vulnerable segment of disrupted society and established “Aashiana” for earthquake effected children and widows. The principal aim of this organization is to secure and educate them to be a good Muslim citizen of the society. The organization follows the International standards of care in orphanages and focuses from major to minor needs of children. Khubaib Foundation has established an educational system promoting, not only the academic excellence, but also social, Islamic and moral values in the children. Khubaib Foundation is committed to deliver complete quality education through  its three - pronged strategy:

(a)  Academic Education   (b)Spiritual Education  (c)  Physical Education