Khubaib Formal Education Programme:

Overcoming the prisons’ issues require an in-depth understanding of the factors that are creating hurdles to improve the prisons’ and the prisoners’ condition in Pakistan.

Khubaib Formal Education programme offers a range of welfare and educational services aimed at helping the prisoners who are at high risk due to inadequate prison’s environment in terms of lack of facilities (such as awareness session, counseling, education, lack of resources, submission of Examination fee  etc), provision of legal assistance etc. The long term objectives of the project are to assist the prisoners to  fully participate in their community life and become useful citizens of the society after their imprisonment period is over. Khubaib Formal Education Programme provides educational facilities to the prisoners from Primary levels to Masters. The prisoners who  arre already enrolled or will enroll in Formal educational programme are provided with books, stationeries and other necessary information in relation to their educational programme.

The programme also includes introduction and reinforcement of distance learning system to the prisoners and help them to get admission in Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad (AIOU) in the programmes of their interest. Coaching programmes are being organized for the enrolled inmates to help them in their preparation of final examination.

The prisoners whose imprisonment period might be near to end are provided counseling services which includes social, psychological and career building.