Khubaib Library

Since its founding in 1999, Khubaib Library has grown into a sizable volunteer organization with a distinct vision and identity. The purpose of the Project is to supply books free of charge to any inmate who requests them. Khubaib Foundation tries to provide an ongoing invitation to prisoners to embrace personal responsibility, growth, and a deeper appreciation for the world of books, ideas, and education.
In the past five years alone Khubaib Foundation sent over 30,000 books to individual in prisons all over the country. Each week the Project receives about 200 letters, some from inmates who are writing for the first time and others who have written to us for several years. The books are for inmates to keep and are frequently passed on to other inmates or prison libraries.
Khubaib Library Project is a clearinghouse through which new, used, overstocked, or defective books are donated by publishers, bookstores, and individuals from all over the country.
Khubaib Library Project continues to grow and to gain attention, world wide. Only with ongoing support, Khubaib Library Project can continue to exist and meet the ever increasing requests from inmates and other groups in their search for new direction and purpose. Khubaib Library is consisting on large number of books on a variety of subjects.