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Khubaib Foundation is a registered, independent, non-profit, non-government, educational and social welfare organization registered in May 1999 as a Trust under the Trust Act. Since its inception, the Foundation has been working for rescue , relief
and rehabilitation of different factions of the society mainly orphans, prisoners, widows and destitute people.

KHUBAIB FOUNDATION has received its tax exemption status under sub-section 2 (36) of the income Tax Ordinance, dated 27.06.2006 and numbered 667(1)/2006


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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for The Khubaib Foundation! There are a number of ways you can contribute your time to Khubaib Foundation regardless of your age or your area of residence. Volunteer work with Khubaib Foundation offers an exciting range of possibilities like projects available at the Central Office, mentorship of Khubaib college students, taking part in Relief Activities, and running a donation drive to help out in the fundraisers organized by our chapters, and many more such ventures.