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Whoever grants respite to someone in difficulty or relieves him , Allah will shade him on the Day Of Ressurection when there is no shade but his.

Khubaib Foundation’s mainstay remains orphan care and quality education to empower them to become valuable member of the society. To this end, we provide state of the art hostel facilities and educational institutions. There is no alternative to a home but efforts
are made to create homely atmosphere by providing all essential facilities in the hostels. Thousands of Orphans and other deserving students are getting quality education on regular basis in our institutions. Philosophy of education hinges on three core components Spiritual, Academic and Physical Training.


our orphans at Khubaib foundation along with academic education are also trained to acquire intellectual knowledge (through the application of reason and logic) and to develop spiritual knowledge (derived from divine revelation and spiritual experience). According to the worldview of Islam, provision in education must be made equally for both.


Our orphan children are encouraged to pursue graduation and higher education, for which they are provided with requisite financial support besides boarding and lodging facilities. More than 100 orphan students (girls and boys) are studying/completed professional education in/ from local universities,


“Taekwondo” has been adopted as a foundation game to empower children (boys and girls) with self-sustained control, self-confidence, and self-defense. Our children have participated in various National as well as international Championships. Its great honor for Khubaib Foundation to have produced 100 Black belts, 55 Red belts, 70 Green belts,45 Blue belts, 80 Yellow belts, and 155 White belts.


Khubaib University Haripur
Khubaib College Haripur
MSAL Rawalpindi
Khubaib College Rara
Khubaib College Sargodha
Khubaib College Gilgit
Khubaib College Skardu
Khubaib College Muzaffargarh
Khubaib College RUMI Haripur
Khubaib Madrasah Hamzewala
Khubaib Islamic Centre Islamabad
Sham Pakistan School Rehanli-Turkey

Higher Education

Khubaib Foundation encourages its students to pursue higher education for which they are being provided with requisite Financial support beside boarding and lodging facilities. Currently 73 students are enrolled with leading National universitie

Foreign Scholarship

Sixty students of Khubaib Foundation are currently studying abroad on scholarship in leading universities of Turkiye,Central Asian States, and UK.

Khubaib Sports

Khubaib Foundation has established Khubaib Taekwondo Academy for its students with state of the art gym facility at its projects. Our students both boys and girls have won many accolades in national and international championships and have the honor of largest number of Black Belt holders in Pakistan.


Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Khan, Chairman Khubaib Foundation as Convener of this working group has been assigned the responsibility with following mandate:-

  • Development of consolidated database of all the private orphanage in the country.
  • To frame a uniform operational policy framework through a centralized body for registration of the private sector orphanages.
  • To suggest the introduction of centralized operational and administrative uniform SOPs for both the private and public sector programs.
  • To develop a doable mechanism for the facilitation of the private sector orphanages by the government under the Ehsaas Programme


172 million
Bread Pieces

4.9 Million
Hygiene Items

200 million
Cloting Items

201 Thousand
Tons Of Food

5 million
Kitchen Products

27 million
Ready Meals
& Canned Food


Khubaib Foundation is committed to quality care and education of orphan children for which state of art hostel facilities and schools/Colleges have been established at Skardu, Gilgit, Rara (Muzaffarabad AJ&K), Haripur, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Muzaffargarh. There is no alternative to a home but efforts are made to create homely atmosphere by providing all essential facilities in the hostels. Over 1250 Orphans and other 5000 deserving students are getting education on regular basis, Philosophy of education hinges on three core components Academic, Spiritual and Physical Training.