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Whoever grants respite to someone in difficulty or relieves him , Allah will shade him on the Day Of Ressurection when there is no shade but his.

When climate disaster, natural catastrophe, or violent conflict strikes, we convert your gifts of compassion into life-saving relief that we bring directly, locally, to afflicted women and children, men and families, and elderly. We rush them wholesome, high nutrition food stores and drinkable water. We provide them protective shelter, bedding, and weather-appropriate clothing. We give them daily hygiene essentials and household necessities, including generators, stoves, heaters, and fuel. We send in and support expert medical providers to treat the wounds and illnesses of the stricken, administer first aid and urgent care, and stock field hospitals and care facilities with vital equipment, medicines, and power sources.

The war in Syria has caused a grave humanitarian crisis. Chemical weapons and bombs were used without hesitation. Ancient cities were razed to the ground; More than 500,000 people lost their lives. More than 6 million people took refuge in other countries. Currently, 13 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, around 5 million people have limited access to aid. 2.8 million people live with disabilities due to war.


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After ten years of conflict, families across Syria are facing unprecedented levels of poverty and food insecurity. Severe humanitarian needs persist across the country and a record number of Syrians are now food insecure.

large-scale hostilities and mass displacement across the northern governorates, combined with a severe economic downturn, mean that the overall food security situation is rapidly deteriorating across the country, and families require support to meet their needs and rebuild their lives.