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Khubaib Foundation was established in 1999 under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Khan advocate. Khubaib Foundation is registered as trust under trust act 1882. It is accredited with The Economic Affairs’ Division, Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP). It is also exempted from tax under section 2(36) of income tax ordinance 2001 of FBR. Khubaib Foundation is certified for ISO standard 9001:2015. Internationally Khubaib Foundation has consultative status with United Nations Economic and Social Council (UNECOSOC) and is also a member of The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW). Khubaib Foundation believes in rights, equality and respect for all human beings without any racial, ethnic and religious discrimination.


" Serving Humanity In Need at Large"


To be most Dynamic, trust worthy and commended social-welfare Organization serving the humanity  with utmost sincerity and striving  for the well-being of vulnerable and  marginalized  segments of society.


We believe that through power of education and housing we are enabling moral, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment of Orphan childrens. Our mission is to patronize them and to see them grow up as good citizens and useful members of the society, leading a dignified and prosperous life


The success of Khubaib foundation is derived from an engaged board of directors and a dedicated staff. Together, our work is guided by these core values,The Foundation believes in rights, equality and respect for all human beings without any racial, ethnic and religious discrimination. The Foundation respects national and international Values in all of its projects and activities.


Khubaib Foundation has completed its successful Journey of 24 years in the Service of Humanity under the accomplished and visionary leadership of Chairman Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Khan. The organization has numerous accolades to its credit. Starting its services for the rehabilitation of prisoners it evolved later as one the largest orphan care welfare organization in Pakistan. Khubaib Foundation also rendered its welfare services for those, who needed humanitarian assistance as victims of natural calamities like earthquake, Floods, drought/famine or any other forms of emergency situation.

The Foundation has the privilege to serve country wide and globally at the hour of need. Khubaib Foundation also focused on Rural development & women empowerment Projects and constructed Mosques in far flung and under developed areas of the country. Khubaib Foundation also established its global footprint while representing Pakistan internationally in Syria, Turkiye, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Somalia with its partner organizations such as IHH and was a vital support in the case of emergency situations and worked on many mega projects with significant value addition for humanitarian welfare assistance.