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Whoever grants respite to someone in difficulty or relieves him , Allah will shade him on the Day Of Ressurection when there is no shade but his.

Millions of Afghans are on the verge of facing a catastrophic famine, and their lives are at stake. Afghanistan is experiencing one of the worst droughts in 27 years, and as a result food, water and supplies are extremely scarce. Donate to the Afghanistan Emergency Appeal today and help our teams on the ground to get to those in most need

Khubaib foundation is on the ground delivering vital food pack, water storage kits and winter clothing, as well as providing medical care and supporting displaced families. Relief Convoy for the people of Afghanistan reached Mazar Sharif (Afghanistan) by Khubaib Foundation. This relief good consists of Blanket, Food/Ration Packs. Our Team has distributed Warm Stuff and Ration Bags in camps of displaced families. All this possible by the support of our Pakistani brothers and sisters.


2000 Families

Food Items

1000 Families

Clothing Items


Creating and strengthening livelihoods is key to achieving Afghanaid’s mission of a peaceful and thriving Afghanistan. We provide Afghans with the skills, tools, and knowledge to help themselves, their families, and their communities. By helping men and women to improve their household income, we have enabled families to send children to school, consume more nutritious food, access health services, and live with greater dignity.