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Food Distribution

At Khubaib foundation we have made it our mission to locate deserving families with a view to distributing food rations to them. That way, we know that they are at least getting some of the nutrition they need at a time when they are struggling and perhaps need it the most. We also regularly distribute rice, milk and other uncooked staple foods to remote tribal communities who do not receive aid from any other organization.


The Khubaib Foundation (Orphan care Organization) was the first organization authorized by the Government of Pakistan to manage orphanage homes and shelter for widows and destitute women in all areas. Based on Khubaib Foundation’s extensive work since day one, the Foundation was involved in providing rehabilitation, reconstruction, education, shelter for orphanages to widows, in Islamabad, Azad Kashmir and North Western Frontier Post (NWFP), Pakistan.


Support a Student

Khubaib Foundation has been educating approximately 6000 students, including more than 1100 orphans. The education for orphans is absolutely free with boarding/lodging facilities, imparting modern and religious schooling. We provide Free education for orphans, boarders and day scholars along with International scholarship for brilliant students on merit.We have more than 60 students studying in different countries on scholarship.

Boarding House

Our Orphan Sponsorship Program offers hope, love, and a bright future to orphan youngsters. We provide roughly thousands of  people with food, education, hygiene, and other vital needs every year. With the world’s orphan population reaching at least 153 million, we’ve made it a significant priority to expand our Orphan Sponsorship Program significantly. You can also sponsor an orphan to make a positive difference in the child’s life. 

Sponsor an Orphan

Orphan Sponsorship Program allows you to provide ongoing help to a specific child. Your donation is made directly to the orphan’s family or guardian, whether it is made monthly or annually. The primary aim of these cash grants is to support not only the deprived orphan in their education and food but also the cash support can ease the pressure on the widow and their other children.KF provides this support to the children of any  age and continues this grant till the end.


sponsor an orphan

Sponsor an Orphan

buil an orphanage

Building an Orphanage

families sponsorship

Families Sponsorship

student and teacher

Studen and Teacher sponsorship

people in need

People in need


water well

Water Well Project

The water wells, which have been implanted according to the territorial conditions. Have been a remedy for the thirst of millions of peopale until now

water hygiene

Hygiene with Water

Water is the basic necessity for human survival. Water is our need. Only those who have access to clean water, sanitation and better hygiene practices are the only way to protect people from health hazards.



Poor sanitation is connected to transmission of diarrhoea diseases like cholera, dysentery, as well as typhoid, gastrointestinal worm infections. Basic sanitation facilities help people thrive & maintain their health. There are a few things to bee done in these areas so the things get better in these areas.


build an orphanage

Build and Orphanage


Build a School


Build a Masjid


Build a House


More than 70 million people in Pakistan are living below the poverty line due to which they are unable to undergo proper health treatment if they experience any disease. Estimated amount of surgery backlog in Pakistan is in millions every year.

Apart from Khubaib foundation’s routine services to mankind, khubaib foundation is always among the main contributors whenever people are in need in case of any disaster like Earthquake 2005, Flood 2010, 2011 and 2012 and even in  With the support of their workers, volunteers and donors, khubaib foundation has always been there to rescue people from disaster, provided them tents, food, crockery, temporary schools, medical camps, medicines and anything else that could be needed. They have also provided shelter homes to the victims of various disasters.


Ramadan Programme

During the Holy month of Ramadan Khubaib Foundation every year arranges among orphans, widows, prisoners, people affected from natural calamities, refugees, poor and destitute people in all provinces of Pakistan and Azad and Jammu Kashmir, Iftar/Dinner Programs and Food Packs Distribution Programs.

Qurbani Programme

Khubaib Foundation slaughters hundreds of animals every year on the occasion of Eid Ul Adha and distributes the meat among orphans, widows, prisoners, people affected from natural calamities, refugees, poor and destitute people in all provinces of Pakistan and Azad and Jammu Kashmir.


Global humanitarian Assistance

Khubaib Foundation renders the welfare services for those, who need humanitarian assistance as victims of natural calamities like earthquake drought/famine or any other forms of emergency situation. The Foundation has privilege to serve country wide and globally at the hour of need.

Chairman Khubaib Foundation, Mr.Nadeem Ahmed Khan, represented Pakistan on Gaza Freedom Flotilla (leading four cargo ships) to express solidarity with Gazans and to deliver  humanitarian aid. The foundation also provided relief in earthquake on 23 October, 2011 occurred in Eastern Turkey near the city of Van and Typhoon Hayan relief operation in Philippine in collaboration with IHH Turkey.

Khubaib Foundation also represented Pakistan in Somalia with its partner IHH and was a vital support in the case of emergency situations.