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Whoever grants respite to someone in difficulty or relieves him , Allah will shade him on the Day Of Ressurection when there is no shade but his.

Khubaib Foundation believes in sustainable rural development and transparency. Socioeconomic welfare projects executed for the poor and disaster affected people. Water scarcity is the main issue of rural areas. If we consider entire Tharparkar district of Pakistan which is facing acute water shortage owing to the lack of routine rains. Over, eighty per cent of the people in Tharparkar is dependent on rain-fed agriculture for their livelihoods, as well as on livestock. Water shortage is a major problem in the area. In Thar, dug-wells have been found to be the only sustainable source of water. Malnutrition is the cause of deaths among people over there including children, water borne diseases and lack of water is a common occurrence.

Khubaib foundation is trying to dig water wells across the villages in Tharparkar which will provide water to thousands of people living in the region. Till now we have built more than dozens of water wells across Pakistan. Some of them are  as follows.


water well

Water Well Project

The water wells, which have been implanted according to the territorial conditions. Have been a remedy for the thirst of millions of peopale until now

water hygiene

Hygiene with Water

Water is the basic necessity for human survival. Water is our need. Only those who have access to clean water, sanitation and better hygiene practices are the only way to protect people from health hazards.



Poor sanitation is connected to transmission of diarrhoea diseases like cholera, dysentery, as well as typhoid, gastrointestinal worm infections. Basic sanitation facilities help people thrive & maintain their health. There are a few things to bee done in these areas so the things get better in these areas.


Billion of people around the world suffer from poor hygiene, sanitation and access to water.  Khubaib foundation aims to build water wells and hand pumps in these deprived regions. Please join hands with Khubaib to provide these people with basic necessity of life.