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Whoever grants respite to someone in difficulty or relieves him , Allah will shade him on the Day Of Ressurection when there is no shade but his.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Khubaib Foundation believes in sustainable rural development and transparency. Socio economic welfare projects executed for poor and disaster affected people. One of the main problem which rural area is facing is water crises if we consider entire Tharparkar district of Pakistan which is facing acute water shortage owing to the lack of routine rains. Over, eighty per cent of the people in Tharparkar is dependent on rain-fed agriculture for their livelihoods, as well as on livestock. Water shortage is a major problem in the area. In Thar, dug-wells have been found to be the only sustainable source of groundwater. People including children dying due to malnutrition, water-related diseases and lack of water is a common occurrence.

Khubaib foundation is trying to dig water wells across the villages on Tharparkar which will provide water to thousands of people living in the region. Till now we have built more than dozens of water wells across Pakistan. Some of them are.


water well

Water Well Project

The water wells, which have been implemented according to the conditions of each region, have been a remedy for the thirst of millions of people until now.

water hygiene

Hygiene with Water

Water is the most fundamental thing needed to survive. We drink water, we need it for hygiene. Only those who have access to drinking water, sanitation and good hygiene practices are protected from health hazards.



Growing up in a clean and safe environment is every child’s right. Access to clean water, basic toilets, and good hygiene practices not only keeps children thriving, but also gives them a healthier start in life.


After ten years of conflict, families across Syria are facing unprecedented levels of poverty and food insecurity. Severe humanitarian needs persist across the country and a record number of Syrians are now food insecure.

Large-scale hostilities and mass displacement across the northern governorates, combined with a severe economic downturn, mean that the overall food security situation is rapidly deteriorating across the country, and families require support to meet their needs and rebuild their lives