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Orphan Education

Orphan Care and Education Programme

Khubaib Foundation stands committed to driving positive change through its Orphan Care and Education Programme (OCEP). We are dedicated to empowering lives and reducing poverty through quality education and rehabilitation support. Orphans and children from underprivileged backgrounds are primary focus of our programme. OECP of Khubaib Foundation not only empowers disaster-prone populations but also paves the way for Pakistan’s economic development.
Khubaib Foundation operates 10 educational complexes featuring cutting-edge facilities including hostels, classrooms, sports complexes, and mosques. These hostels are playing a vital role in offering a nurturing environment and enhancing the quality of life for orphaned children.We provide both boarding and day scholar facilities for orphans, recognizing that some of them may need to support their mothers in daily routine activities. Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4, we aim to accommodate and support students in their unique circumstances, ensuring accessibility to education for all.

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Khubaib School & College Haripur
MSAL Rawalpindi
Khubaib School & College Rara
Khubaib Girls School & College Sargodha
Khubaib School & College Gilgit
Khubaib School & College Skardu
Khubaib School & College Muzaffargarh
Khubaib School & College RUMI Haripur
Khubaib Madrasah Hamzewala
Khubaib Islamic Centre Islamabad
Sham Pakistan School Rehanli-Turkey

Khubaib Orphanages Facilities

Khubaib Foundation prioritizes the mental, social, and moral development of orphans through a structured framework designed for their overall well-being and growth. We provide orphaned children with comprehensive support that a normal child enjoys at their Home. Along with the standardized education system, we emphasize their physical growth. For that purpose, we arranged annual and seasonal events for extra curricular activities. Each educational complex includes playing areas for basketball, football, Cricket, Badminton, table tennis, and taekwondo.
Khubaib Foundation also encourages their students to pursue higher education for which they are being provided with requisite financial support besides boarding and lodging facilities.

Orphan Family Support Program

Khubaib Foundation also supports the families of orphaned to help them become self-sustaining members of society. We provide cattle, hens, goats, and sewing machines, or assist in starting businesses, fostering financial stability. In this manner, we endeavor to foster the moral and social growth of the sponsored children and their families


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Through Khubaib Foundation Orphan Care and Education Programme, thousands of children are getting education and enjoying quality life at our Complex. Meanwhile, there are a Large number of orphans in Pakistan who are deprived of these very essentials and need our love and protection.
If you wish to impact the lives of these children, kindly consider donating to Khubaib Foundation orphanages. Your generous contribution will support the provision of essential needs and compassionate care.