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Food Distribution

At Khubaib foundation we have made it our mission to locate deserving families with a view to distributing food rations to them. That way, we know that they are at least getting some of the nutrition they need at a time when they are struggling and perhaps need it the most. We also regularly distribute rice, milk and other uncooked staple foods to remote tribal communities who do not receive aid from any other organization.


The Khubaib Foundation (Orphan care Organization) was the first organization authorized by the Government of Pakistan to manage orphanage homes and shelter for widows and destitute women in all areas. Based on Khubaib Foundation’s extensive work since day one, the Foundation was involved in providing rehabilitation, reconstruction, education, shelter for orphanages to widows, in Islamabad, Azad Kashmir and North Western Frontier Post (NWFP), Pakistan.


The damage and destruction toll from more than six weeks of torrential monsoon rains and flash flooding across Pakistan is mounting, with 950+ people have lost their lives, 5000 are severely injured, 95000 plus houses are submerged in water, nearly 500000 livestock have perished while countless displaced families, women and children are living under the open sky.