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Aurangzeb Asri

Khubaib foundation is the largest orphan care institution in Pakistan. We are providing quality education to the children along with other basic needs of life The love and care that we give to children is the reason that we are the number one orphan care institution in Pakistan. So help us to educate the future of Pakistan and be a part of the Khubaib foundation for orphan care. Your donation makes a difference no matter what the amount is

One of the examples of the success stories from the Khubaib foundation is Aurangzeb Asri
He became an orphan at a very tender age of nine. He lives in a remote village of Neelum valley Azad Kashmir with his siblings. His father died in 2003. the family couldn’t cope with the tragic loss

Aurangzeb was in grade 4 when he left school because of his father’s death. After being orphaned, School and basic education were a far-fetched dream for Aurangzeb. Until one day he found a flicker of hope in the form of the Khubaib foundation.
After 16 years Aurangzeb is now a young man. He has done his master’s in media studies from Riphah International university and he is working at the Khubaib foundation. A beam of hope in the form of the Khubaib foundation is reaching the children like Aurangzeb around the country. Now it’s your turn to become a hope for someone. we have more than a 1000 students studying in different projects of the Khubaib Foundation.

You can sponsor a child or can provide cash assistance, clothes, food, health checks, or anything that can help these children. Even your smallest contribution will be treasured.

“I and the person who looks after an orphan and provides for him, will be in Paradise like this,” putting his index and middle fingers together. – Narrated by Sahl bin Sa’d There is great reward in caring and providing for an orphan