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Chairman Khubaib Foundation Met With Mayor of Dogensehr, Turkey

Chairman Khubaib’s recent visit to Turkiye is a tremendous success! He held meetings with the Mayor and DC of Dogansehar, Turkiye. Their meeting was filled with warmth and appreciation for the remarkable relief work carried out by the Khubaib Foundation for service to humanity and particularly for the people of Dogansehar. In order to ensure that our earthquake affected brethren have access to fresh food, Khubaib Foundation has announced the establishment of two more bakeries in this area that will increase the telly to 6 bakeries. Khubaib Foundation is also in a process to establish container houses for the earthquake-affected people in Dogansehar. These homes will provide secure and comfortable shelter and help them rebuild their lives. Join Khubaib Foundation for this Sadqa e Jaria with your donations.