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Palestine ( Gaza) Crisis

The situation in Palestine is undeniably dire, marked by ongoing conflicts and relentless attacks that have left countless individuals struggling to find safe havens. For years, the people of Palestine have endured immense hardships, impacting their daily lives and the overall economy. This protracted crisis has taken a heavy toll on their daily lives and has wreaked havoc on the country’s already fragile economy. Now, more than ever, these resilient people require our unwavering support.
Gaza has been stricken by an intensifying humanitarian crisis, with nearly half the population displaced and dwindling supplies of food, water and medicine. With thousands of critically injured, the people of Palestine plead for our help.
At this critical juncture, the Khubaib Foundation, along with local & international humanitarian organizations & NGOs in Pakistan & Palestine, are committed to delivering essential medical & food supplies to those who find themselves in desperate need. We are also tirelessly working to provide sustenance to families who have been forced to abandon their homes in the wake of ongoing hostilities.
We invite you to join hands with us in supporting the people of Palestine through a generous donation. Your contribution become a beacon of hope and relief in their challenging journey. Let us unite in solidarity, offering our support, prayers and collective efforts to safeguard the well-being, safety and protection of the Palestinians.