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Tent City In Elbistan

On Monday morning of 6th February two massive earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.6 hit southeastern Türkiye, near the Syrian border, taking the lives of thousands of people and bulldozing millions of residential buildings.

The aftershocks and repercussions of the deadly earthquakes are still there as the death toll rises to 41,200 many people became homeless and waited under the open sky in freezing cold weather for help. Rescue teams are busy unearthing people under the heaps of rubble.

At this crucial time, Khubaib Foundation Pakistan needs your help when thousands of people have lost their lives and many are injured being under the rubble for several hours.

Khubaib Foundation is extending a hand of help with your support and relief supplies to earthquake victims. Alkhidmat Foundation in collaboration with Turkish partner organization IHH is responding on the ground in quake-hit areas of Türkiye and Syria by distributing hot meals, blankets, mattresses, and shelter tents to the victims.