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Khubaib Foundation Receives Distinguished Visitors, Mrs. Yasmine Dar and Mr. Raja Najabat Hussain, at Head Office

Mrs. Yasmine Dar, the Lord Mayor of Manchester, and Mr. Raja Najabat Hussain, Chairman JKSDMI, visited Khubaib Foundation head office. The visit, marked by a brief presentation about the foundation, showcased the organization’s commitment to humanitarian causes.

During the visit, the Director General and Secretary General of Khubaib Foundation presented shields to Mrs. Yasmine Dar and Mr. Raja Najabat Hussain as souvenirs, symbolizing the appreciation for their esteemed presence.

Khubaib Foundation, a renowned humanitarian organization, has been actively engaged in orphan care programs and relief operations for underprivileged families across Pakistan and the globe. The distinguished guests were briefed on the foundation’s initiatives and the impactful work carried out to alleviate the suffering of those in need.

Dr. Yasmine Dar, expressing her admiration for Khubaib Foundation’s efforts, particularly commended the organization’s dedication to orphan care and its relief operations. She highlighted the significance of such initiatives in contributing to the betterment of society and serving humanity in need.

“I am truly impressed by the commitment of Khubaib Foundation in making a positive impact on the lives of orphans and the underprivileged. The work they do is commendable, and I am keen to explore collaborative opportunities to further enhance their reach and impact,” stated Mrs. Yasmine Dar.

The exchange of shields and the warm reception accorded to the esteemed guests underscored the mutual respect between Khubaib Foundation and its distinguished visitors. The foundation looks forward to potential collaborations that can amplify its efforts in serving humanity and contributing to the welfare of society.

Khubaib Foundation extends its gratitude to Mrs. Yasmine Dar and Mr. Raja Najabat Hussain for their visit and expressed interest in supporting the organization’s noble cause.